Software & Computer FAQs

  Adobe’s Character Animator
Your puppet has built in face tracking and automatic lip sync.  You will need a webcam and mic.  If your computer doesn’t have them built in you should get peripheral ones to use with this software.
Your puppet will be a .puppet file which will only work with Adobe’s Character Animator software.  Character Animator also accepts .PSD, .AI, .PNG, .JPEG and various audio and video files.
Adobe Character Animator comes as part of the CCS bundle.  You can download a trial version to try out or use the performer only mode for free.  Find out more at Adobe’s website.
No.  You can create a complete video in Character Animator.  However Character Animator works seamlessly with After Effects through Dynamic Link and After Effects offers many, strong, fun features to enhance your videos.  We highly recommend using the two programs together.
No, your puppet will only work in Character Animator.  After you record and save your performance you can use it in After Effects.
You can live stream with Character Animator and your new puppet.
If you’ve already downloaded and installed Character Animator, click on the home button and follow the prompts! Here is some great information from School of Motion.  You can get a lot of information from a basic Google search just use “Adobe Character Animator” in the search bar.  You can also follow Okay Samurai on YouTube for great tutorials and new features videos.
If there is a problem with the puppet we definitely want to know right away.  Please email us at so we can sort it out.  If you’re having trouble with the software try Adobe support forums, there is a good chance someone else already had the problem and posted a solution.  We are not able to provide tech support for the software but have created some great TIPS & TRICKS to help avoid the most common problems.  Check them out here.