License Agreement

Last updated: August 22, 2021

This is a license agreement between you and Puppet-Shop that explains how you can use our digital puppet files and images under the Puppet-Shop licenses. By downloading content from Puppet-Shop, you accept the terms of this agreement.


Standard License

All our digital puppet files come with a Standard License by default. The Standard License allows you to use the digital puppet file multiple times, in multiple projects. There is no expiration or end date of your rights to use the puppet. You do not have exclusive rights of the file or image, anyone may purchase the same puppet and use it in their projects.

Allowed under this License

  • You can use our digital puppet files in work for a client. Only you are allowed to use the files you have licensed with Puppet-Shop.Your client should receive only the final product, but not the source files that you purchased from Puppet-Shop.
  • You can use our puppets in multiple projects for multiple clients.

Examples of use:

  • Advertisements and Marketing
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Promotional videos and campaigns
  • Tutorials
  • Web Design
  • Narration

Extended License

If you wish to share the digital files with your team, you need to purchase an Extended License. The Extended License allows access to our digital puppet file by an unlimited number of people, on an unlimited number of computers within your organization, simultaneously.

Example of use:

  • Same as Standard License plus, you may store our digital puppet files on a shared drive, so all your colleagues can access them.
RESTRICTED USAGE for all Puppet-Shop Licenses
  • No Unlawful Use – You may not use our puppets in a pornographic, obscene,  defamatory, libelous, racially or sexually offensive, or unlawful manner. You may not violate a person’s right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity. You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of our products, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
  • No Standalone File Use -You may not resell or share the digital puppet file. You are not allowed to offer the file you purchased from us to a third party. You may not sub-license and/or place any of our characters or puppets, modified or unmodified, on a website or any other media with the intention of offering them for redistribution or resale.
  • No Use in Trademark or Logo – you are not allowed to use our digital puppet characters as part of trademarks, logos or mascots you plan to trademark or copyright. .
  • No False Representation of Authorship – You may not falsely represent that you are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of licensed content. You may not copyright the puppet or character.  
  • No Products for Resale – You can not sell physical products featuring our characters.
  • No Electronic Templates – You can not sell digital templates featuring our puppets and characters products under any of our Licenses. This includes, but is not limited to,  PowerPoint templates, digital brochure design templates, e-greeting cards templates, do-it-yourself templates, lower thirds etc.
  • On Demand and Create Yourself – You can not use our puppets or characters in the galleries of automated image building systems (avatar builders, website template builders, flyers template builders, etc). 
  • Physical Products for Sale – You may not use the character, puppet images or likenesses to them on physical products for sale.  If you wish to have a custom puppet, character, mascot or company spokesperson designed that you can trademark or copyright and use with both digital and physical product design please contact us. 
  • Puppet-Shop and Designs by Leere’ owns the licensed content and you are granted rights to use it in your work;
  • Attribution – you are not required to credit us in your work